Dr. Ramon L. Garcia-Lazcano has extensive experience and technical and business skills, combined with a network consortium of specialized consultants, which has enabled him to serve the needs of the biotechnology industry and specialize in technology assessment, planning and transfer.  Dr. Garcia-Lazcano was one of the founders and CEO of InterLink Biotechnologies LLC, a company established in 1991 and acquired by Abraxis Biosciences Inc. (Nasdaq ABII) in September of 2003. InterLink Biotechnologies developed a unique drug discovery platform of novel natural products derived from microorganisms. Products resulting from the company activities include new pharmaceutical drugs, antimicrobial peptides, enzymes as additives for human food and animal feed products and bio-control agents.  Dr. Garcia-Lazcano has been a Research & Development Senior Manager and CEO for more than twenty five years. He has directed research in the field of biotechnology with applications in pharmaceuticals, food, agriculture and chemicals.  Dr. Garcia-Lazcano was responsible for starting and directing two major corporate biotechnology laboratories. His proven accomplishments include the development of new products and technologies and the transfer and licensing of new technologies.  Dr. Garcia-Lazcano has worked in numerous assignments involving technology assessments, strategic planning, and technology transfer for a number of international corporations and universities.  Ramon L. Garcia-Lazcano has a M.S. and Ph.D. from Iowa State University.  From this broad background of experience Dr. Garcia-Lazcano and his associates provide a unique blend of consulting skills to support the assessment and transfer of biotechnologies within and between the pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural, food and energy-related biotechnology industries.

ramon l. garcia-lazcano, ph. d.