Revive Genomics Inc.

Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center

3805 Old Easton Rd

Doylestown, PA 18902 | USA

T : 215 630 5433
F : 215 489 4920


Revive Genomics is using genomic techniques to facilitate identification of new molecules to address unmet needs in human health and agriculture.  It is led by experienced natural product professionals from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and non-profit industries. Revive‚Äôs mission is to discover and commercialize natural products derived from actinomycete and fungal collections utilizing modern genomic methods.  Silent gene clusters represent a large untapped reservoir of novel bioactive natural products that will be exploited by innovative and cost effective technologies.  There is great need for new natural products in the field of medicine and actinomycete microbes represent a major source of clinically used antibiotics including vancomycin, tetracycline, erythromycin, and streptomycin.  As resistance grows to existing antibiotics, there is an urgent need for new members of existing classes and novel architectures to address these pathogens. Metagenomics and genome-driven natural product discovery are providing new methods to detect and activate antibiotic gene clusters.  We are amplifying and sequencing DNA samples to identify members of prioritized natural product classes in the NPDI collection.  Genomes of priority will be de novo sequenced and annotated to refine their gene clusters.  Fermentation and molecular biology techniques will be applied to specific microbes from the Revive archive  to turn on nascent gene clusters and to produce new natural products of commercially and medically important classes. 

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