Revive Genomics Inc.

Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center

3805 Old Easton Rd

Doylestown, PA 18902 | USA

T : 215 630 5433
F : 215 489 4920


Revive Genomics Inc. is a Pennsylvania-based company founded in 2015 with the mission of employing genomic techniques to facilitate identification, to evaluate mechanism, and to translate new broad-spectrum molecules (natural products including GRAS substances, microbial fermentation products, antimicrobial peptides, etc.) for controlling pathogens affecting humans, animals, and agricultural commodities.  The company is led by experienced natural product professionals from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.  As resistance manifests to existing antibiotics and pesticides, there is an urgent need for new approaches and novel architectures to address human, animal, and agriculturally important microbes with lower risk of developing resistance. 


Currently we are addressing the need for protecting fruit during storage, which are highly susceptible to fungal infection.  Revive is developing a natural product, which consistently inhibits fungal growth for multiple fungal plant pathogens, including those with demonstrated resistance to post harvest fungicides.  Revive has an exclusive option to obtain a license in the field of agriculture for this product.  The product represents an ideal solution to an unmet agricultural need due to its non-toxic nature and reduced potential for resistance development, relative to other pre- and post-harvest fungicides in current use.  Losses due to decay and reduction in quality are significant issues, but the presence of mycotoxins that are associated with blue mold are of primary concern in apple products.  Fungicides are presently used to control these pathogens, but they have not been very effective for several reasons including narrow control spectrum, human toxicity concerns, developing resistance leading to control failures, and pesticide residues/minimum residue levels (MRLs) for export markets.  There is clear need for an environmentally sound and broad spectrum control of pathogens.

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